Vegan Cupcakes

a04sdX9AIQig5W1ny11L_kHUMWpBEbZdepJny9hYS9PKr6PxrhDDgur8F_WaaAtLHEm7SfzUgOxNvSnAnzK3vcbcQWsb9jHH-78keimoscK7swnPjZ_qkaGddPF3Vnp1BlShp-K5DIE_5-7p2g5ayh9OQJXcZXvU6ghknJPNvqPmfsA9ThDsVYCOAzI try not to discriminate. So when invited to a vegan’s birthday, I do my research online, mostly yelp and google, to find a place where I can buy some vegan cupcakes. This particular birthday party was northwest of Miami, so I went to a vegan bakery called Parlour, in Plantation, Florida. Those cupcakes cost $4 each. The shop is hidden in a strip mall, but it’s a cute store once you get there.

3_qiVbciznS6xhBwtPvRpM21RKzdMXq8bAm2Zvzz_qSASk_Xh0pu_Tl7zNukN6pjoRAV1kcVSjuD0F01SYy1wfhsPK2AAZBOrGcGsueYLHseUGJFdseq6GIoWgcRBoQFvLy-kaUiMUB_7nt3p0uVg1T8uiZnbdbyg-56CA-puxEvZEl0LJMfEynY6MMy verdict on the cupcakes was that they were dry. I was told that this is not usually the case. No fear, I still licked the frosting off them.

Five Years of M’s Adventures

It’s M’s Adventures (madventures to many) fifth anniversary. This map shows just one random day of visitors to my blog…

screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-6-55-14-amAs seen on the map, the readership of my blog seems very dependent on subject. That subject is Bangladesh. Despite the facet that Bangladesh has a small landmass, it has a large population, and in the social media universe, an interesting statistic. If one looked solely at who is reading M’s Adventures and what topics they like, then it would seem that Bangladesh was the center of the world. But, I’m sure that Google could tell you that that Bangladesh is not the most searched term in their engine. I think that the spike in numbers on M’s Adventures is because there simply aren’t that many blogs written in English about Bangladesh.

As I watch my readership numbers dip, I wonder if I should stop writing this blog. Or when it’s just me and my friend’s cat reading the blog.

But, I’m still amazed each day to see how many hundreds have read my little blog. So for now, I keep blogging! After all, if I didn’t blog about it, did it happen?

The King of Tides

Even in the U.S., I sometimes find myself bewildered. I was watching the news in Florida when I heard the weather forecasters talk about the king tide approaching. All of a sudden, I wondered if I spoke English. Then I went to google.

IMG_0411.JPGA king tide is an extra high tide, or a perigean tide… guess I’ll go back to google…

Sheltering In Place – In Florida

14484861_10154539848049618_3798888653102113882_nAlthough I lived in Bangladesh for two years, both of those years, the monsoons were not so bad (okay, one night it was awful, walking in the dark potholed street with flooded open sewers) but as Dhaka is located up the river, I didn’t get to experience the risks of coastal living. When I lived in Dhaka, the power went out on a frequent basis, but not for weather related reasons. In the U.S., I’ve experienced more power outages and flooding caused by weather and it looks like I will, again. Welcome to Florida in hurricane season.

I paid attention to the experts. I moved inland. Two days ahead. Then I bought food for ten days (I’m not quite sure why I thought chips and dip were essential foods, but maybe it counts as an activity as well?). Then I turned on the local news to watch the show.

This morning, I went out to check on the shopping frenzy at the local grocery store. It wasn’t a frenzy. Everyone was calm and shopping. Like any day at 11 a.m. (a note about price gouging: call the watchdog phone number if you see price gouging. It’s illegal to profiteer off of a situation like a hurricane. Sheesh.), just with hurricane shutters going up.

14563585_10154539848069618_2250615844766550418_nNow, I hope we don’t lose electricity. I have blogging to do!