Vegan Cupcakes

a04sdX9AIQig5W1ny11L_kHUMWpBEbZdepJny9hYS9PKr6PxrhDDgur8F_WaaAtLHEm7SfzUgOxNvSnAnzK3vcbcQWsb9jHH-78keimoscK7swnPjZ_qkaGddPF3Vnp1BlShp-K5DIE_5-7p2g5ayh9OQJXcZXvU6ghknJPNvqPmfsA9ThDsVYCOAzI try not to discriminate. So when invited to a vegan’s birthday, I do my research online, mostly yelp and google, to find a place where I can buy some vegan cupcakes. This particular birthday party was northwest of Miami, so I went to a vegan bakery called Parlour, in Plantation, Florida. Those cupcakes cost $4 each. The shop is hidden in a strip mall, but it’s a cute store once you get there.

3_qiVbciznS6xhBwtPvRpM21RKzdMXq8bAm2Zvzz_qSASk_Xh0pu_Tl7zNukN6pjoRAV1kcVSjuD0F01SYy1wfhsPK2AAZBOrGcGsueYLHseUGJFdseq6GIoWgcRBoQFvLy-kaUiMUB_7nt3p0uVg1T8uiZnbdbyg-56CA-puxEvZEl0LJMfEynY6MMy verdict on the cupcakes was that they were dry. I was told that this is not usually the case. No fear, I still licked the frosting off them.