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2023 Book published on Amazon and Blurb: La Dolce Italia, Tasty Food, Amazing Travels, and the Sweet Life, Volume Red. 

2023 Book published on Amazon and Blurb: Roman Days, From the Piazza and the Plate, Volume White.

2023 Book published on Blurb: Poelser: A book about Danish hotdogs, written for my brother who loves hotdogs more than I do.

2020 Book: I published another book, Big Know: What I Wish I Knew About Italian Food. For sale on Blurb and on Amazon. 

2020 Book: I published a second children’s book, Marvelous Activities on the Malecon on Blurb and elsewhere. 

2020 Book: I published a children’s book called, Do You Dare Eat That, Porfa! on Blurb and Amazon.

2020 Book: I also published a hardback version of my farewell book to Peru, M’s Adventures in Peru — a Love Letter — also on Blurb.

2020 Book: I also published a collection of stories called, Tales, Tall and Short, About Food in Peru. Also available on Blurb and on Amazon.

2016 Book: I published a book on Food in Lima.

2016 Book: I published a book on M’s Adventures in Colombia

2013 Book: My book on Bangladesh is available. Click on the link if you want to buy it. Read here if you want to know how to publish your own. 

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Podcast: M’s Adventures is now branching out into “audio blogging” (did I just make up that term?) on Google Podcasts, Anchor, Spotify, Breaker, Radio Public, PocketCast, TuneIn, and eventually wherever you get your podcast content. Hopefully.

YouTube: M’s Adventures is on YouTube. First video is the first in a series I’m calling “Unboxed with Mikkela” about opening a box, or exploring a site. Other videos will be about food, travel, and whatever else takes my fancy.

Instagram: I finally got back on Instagram: M’s Adventures

I listed some of my favorite travel quotations on my travel page. I also have a list of my favorite travel literature on my travel page.

Kudos, Accolades, and Other Mentions

My photos and articles have been in various magazines including the International Herald Tribune online. My photos have won awards and been published in various venues including in various international and foreign policy magazines.

Read one of the most popular blog postings, translated into Spanish and Portuguese.

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I added myself to the Expat’s Blog

The small print: All the photos, text, and opinions on this blog are mine, unless otherwise noted. Feel free to link to my pages. Please ask permission if you want to borrow from my pages or images. Also, please give me credit. Thank you. More small print: All the opinions are mine and should not be misconstrued as to represent any company, institution, or government.

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