Food, glorious food. Here are some of my food musings and findings (in a random list). Enjoy! Listen to my audio blogging on my Audio&Podcast page or wherever you find your podcasts. Or watch my videos on my Video page or find me on YouTube or Instagram. Also find links on my Social Media page.

Also, in general, American food is diverse. 10 iconic American eats in Washington, DC. My seven favorite places to Korean food in Northern Virginia. They still sell steamed shrimp but the DC wharf is so much more. I found a Danish bakery in NYC.

Fruit haul in Lima, Peru.

My favorite thing to eat in Egypt was their version of “pizza” especially because it was not pizza.

My top ten restaurants in Italy. Read about my top ten restaurants in Rome. Why Italy does not need Michelin stars may seem a controversial topic but I’m putting out my opinion here. The must-do wine tasting now on M’s Adventures tour of Rome. Or just try this place for meal, or when on a layover at FCO airport. Ten traditional Roman foods to try. Trendy places to eat in Rome. Go on a jaunt of demi-umbria for a wine tour. Leafy greens in Italy. The ten best local markets in Rome. A special pasta dish called Pasta Trombolotto. Gluten free eating in Rome. Grocery stores in Rome are small but okay. Unknown food to try in Italy that is not on your standard list. Italians eat according to season. Read about the 12 seasons of vegetables in Rome. August in Italy. Not the best time to visit because of Ferragosto. Why some coffee tastes awfulEating lemon rind is okay. They eat a lot of vegetables in Rome. Why I’m afraid of the normal cucumber in Rome. Finding Korean stores in Rome. Discovering never tried vegetables like Monk’s Beard. Learn about Father’s Day in Italy. Go on a food tour in Rome with Sophie. Fried croquettes of Rome. Ten places to try gelato in Rome. Sort of my list of the best, but I have not been to all the places in Rome! Oldest gelato shop in Rome. Read about trying the best gelato in the world. Learn about the origin of confetti and why this is not the kind you want to throw at people. What coffee to order when it is very very very hot. I am planning to visit all the regions of Italy and here is what I ate in Piemonte. Deep pan pizza is from Turin?


100 restaurants in Lima, Peru. I’ve also published my first book of Food in Lima. Peruvian food. Korean in Lima.

Surprising food in Lithuania and Estonia

Danish bacon & butter. Danish ice cream is super creamy. Fresh hazelnuts. Danish cheese Later, I will talk more about cheese…

Famous falafel in Amman

Stretchy handkerchief bread

Fresh juice!

Instant noodles. Bucket list noodlesRamen and other soups. Ramen in Rome.

Walking on Drinking Water in New Zealand.

100 restaurants in Dhaka. 10 foods to try in Bangladesh.

Ethiopian food in Ethiopia.

Traditional foods of Serbia.

I had some really good mushroom soup in Switzerland. But the best dish was with noodles and cabbage.

I "heart" food sign in Kuala Lumpur
I “heart” food sign in Kuala Lumpur

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