Food, glorious food. Here are some of my food musings and findings (in a random list). Enjoy! Listen to my audio blogging on my Audio&Podcast page or wherever you find your podcasts. Or watch my videos on my Video page or find me on YouTube or Instagram. Also find links on my Social Media page.

Ten traditional foods to try in Rome. This is not the “dare you” list. Try the tripe and intestine from an unweaned calf… if you want to.

Can Pasta Trombolotto make it big?


The real balsamic vinegar is worth it. As is the Parmesan.

Pizza: I’m a big fan of sandwiches in general and pizza is a type of sandwich… now that I’m in the land of pizza

Leafy greens in Italy.


100 restaurants in Lima, Peru.

I’ve also published my first book of Food in Lima.

Peruvian food.

Danish bacon & butter.

Danish ice cream is super creamy.

Fresh hazelnuts

Famous falafel in Amman

Stretchy handkerchief bread

Fresh juice!

Instant noodles. Bucket list noodles.

Ramen and other soups.

Danish cheese Later, I will talk more about cheese…

Walking on Drinking Water in New Zealand.

100 restaurants in Dhaka.

10 foods to try in Bangladesh.

10 iconic American eats in Washington, DC

Ethiopian food in Ethiopia.

My seven favorite places to Korean food in Northern Virginia.

Korean in Lima.

I "heart" food sign in Kuala Lumpur
I “heart” food sign in Kuala Lumpur

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