And now… Italy! All roads lead to Rome! 

The must-do wine tasting now on M’s Adventures tour of Rome. Or just try this place for meal, or when on a layover at FCO airport. 

Ten traditional Roman foods to try. 

Trendy places to eat in Rome. 

Go on a jaunt of demi-umbria for a wine tour.

Leafy greens in Italy. 

The ten best local markets in Rome. 

A special pasta dish called Pasta Trombolotto. 

Why it is worth it to take a private boat down the Amalfi Coast. 

Stay indoors and watch Italy on film

A food tour of Emilia-Romagna. Eat, drink, taste, and stay, what and where I did. 

Learn about the Artichoke King

The real balsamic vinegar. Worth it. As is the real Parmesan

Where to stay — the agroturismo

Ten places to try gelato in Rome. Sort of my list of the best, but I have not been to all the places in Rome! 

Oldest gelato shop in Rome. 

Italians eat according to season. Read about the 12 seasons of vegetables in Rome.

August in Italy. Not the best time to visit because of Ferragosto

Amazing sapphire blue waters in a perfect Apulian town. More about the wonders of Apulia’s clean towns

Having a less than stellar day.

Having the best day ever while tasting olive oil with Johnny Madge.

Why some coffee tastes awful.

Eating lemon rind is okay. 

They eat a lot of vegetables in Rome. 

How to take a taxi in Rome. 

Why I’m afraid of the normal cucumber in Rome. 

Finding Korean stores in Rome.

Discovering never tried vegetables like Monk’s Beard

Learn about Father’s Day in Italy.

Go on a food tour in Rome with Sophie

Some videos to binge watch, and then see where they lead!

Fried croquettes of Rome.

The money of Italy

Tipping in Italy.

Bidets in Italy. 

Unexpected things about moving to Rome. What is different in Italy seen from American eyes. 

Preparing for the move by learning Italian. A word for a spaghetti dinner.

A strange time to be a tourist in Rome.

Mealtimes in Rome.

Culture shock in Rome.


Read about the “open face sandwich” of Denmark. 

The bacon…  The butter… The cheese… The amusement park.

Danish ice cream is super creamy. Really creamy.

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