I have more than two decades of experience living “overseas” and I have lived in more than nine countries. All the expat “advice” is mine completely (unless I say otherwise), and I’m glad if it helps in any way.

Read about the nine levels of life in Italy. At some of the local markets you can find international goods. Why the coffee tastes different in Italy. East Asian grocery shopping in Rome. Taking a taxi in Rome. The bidet in Italy. The money of Italy. Unexpected things about moving to RomeTipping in Italy. On the guys… on dating...

What to pay the domestic staff in Lima. The great things about expat life in Lima. The realities of expat life in Lima. Resources for expat life in Lima.

The top expat blogs about Colombia. The realities of life in Bogota.

Realities of expat life in Dhaka. The good realities of expat life in Dhaka. Check out the map of 99 expat places that I made for Dhaka. Read about expat dress in Dhaka. What to wear! How much should you pay your domestic staff in Dhaka? Do you really need a driver in Dhaka? How do you deal with the beggars in Dhaka? Are there such things as grocery stores in Dhaka?

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