Who Am I?

A Bangladeshi bridal ceremony (one of several days of ceremonies).

And, how do I afford to travel? See below in bold for more about that. Who am I? I am mad for food and adventure, that’s who I am. M’ Adventures is my blog about my adventures in food and travel. I also have audio/podcasts and videos. You can find these on Anchor, Spotify (and other podcast platforms), YouTube: M’s Adventures, Instagram: M’s Adventures, and Facebook. Please subscribe or “follow me” for my newest adventures. These days, I try to add content to Instagram every day. 

I deliberately do not post photos of myself. Nonetheless, here is a little of my provenance. As a child, I lived in four countries on three continents. I moved around the world due to my father’s job. As an adult, I have lived in seven different countries on three different continents. I move around the world due to my job.

One of my favorite places in Italy: View from Fattoria La Tagliata in Positano.

While in Bangladesh, I tried 100 restaurants in Dhaka. In Colombia, my “100 challenge” was to try 100 fruits that I had never tried before. In Peru, my original goal was to try 500 types of potatoes (there are over 3,000 kinds) but instead I went to over 100 restaurants. My “hobbies” are collecting intangible and easily transportable experiences: Korean restaurant meals, massages, travel, and quirky cultural trivia. Not necessarily in that order.

One of my favorite foods: Pepperoni, American style, pizza. This one is a “salame picante” in Florence. “Pepperoni” in Italian is bell pepper.

When I started writing this blog in 2011, I had no pragmatic goal. Since then, it’s evolved (with requests from my readers) into a space where I write about my food and travel experiences. And expat life. Hopefully, once in a while my blog is actually of service! 

How do I afford it? This is the million dollar question. 

I have a day job that moves me from country to country… but, I do not write about it because it is not as interesting as writing about food and travel. How do I afford to it? I choose to spend my money on food and travel. For example, some things are pricey like the aquaplane taxi in the Maldives which cost $350 (see my cell phone cover below). But, some things are pretty cheap like an espresso in Rome for $1.30. What I don’t buy is a Bugatti Veyron for $2.5 million. As if! 

I use a iPhone 13 mini, and not this phone for my photos.

If you want to contact me, aside from commenting, email me at: m (at) madventures (dot) me

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The small print: All the photos, text, and opinions on this blog are mine, unless otherwise noted. Feel free to link to my pages. Please ask permission if you want to borrow from my pages or images. Also, please give me credit. Thank you. More small print: All the opinions are mine and should not be misconstrued as to represent any company, entity, institution, or government.

Super power: When asked about my super power, I say that mine is my ability to laugh at bureaucracy (that’s what I say… Doesn’t mean that I actually have it).

If you have read all the way down here… thank you for reading my blog!

M, mad for food and adventure, currently in Rome. My next adventure will be in Washington, DC.

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