South America

Huayna Picchu behind the Machu Picchu ruins.

Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Machu Picchu, the most famous tourist site in South America. Read about other Peruvian sites below.

The Galapagos, or what is it with these tiny islands?

Where the students are…

About Peru:

The hottest Peruvian ticket in DC.

The Hawaii of Peru.

Christmas in Peru.

Snacks in Peru.

Food in Lima. Lima is possibly the most famous “it” food destination of the moment! Read my updated list of 100 restaurants to try in Lima. Who are the most famous chefs of Peru? I made it to Peru, and I ate a lot. I finally had to move to Lima to try more food. Read about 100 places to try.

The real food of Peru.

Unusual fruit in Lima.

How to be an expat in Peru.

How to understand the Peruvians.

Asian food hunt: Found it in Lima.

Learning about coffee in Lima.

I published a children’s book called, Do You Dare Eat That, Porfa! on Blurb and Amazon. I also wrote a couple of other books about Peru. Find them on the Shop and Media page.

My 23 farewell videos

About Colombia:

With lots of visitors to Bogota, I had my tourist plan worked out.

I ate some of the national food.

What I recall from my last visit to Colombia.

I went back to Cartagena.

My plan was to try 100 new kinds of fruit in Colombia… in Bangladesh, I went to 100 restaurants.

There are stereotypes about Colombia but it’s so much more, and Colombia is trying so hard to become so much more.

Here is my roundup of the best expat blogs about Colombia. And a few laughs from the number one blog in Colombia (not mine…).

I made it to El Dorado. Quest over, next one in the making.

I’ve talked about emeralds. And dogs.

My favorite tourist attraction in Bogota, the market.

My hunt for Asian food chronicled, especially Korean food.

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