South America

A street in Cartagena, Colombia.

A street in Cartagena, Colombia.

Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Uruguay…

So far about Colombia:

With lots of visitors to Bogota, I’ve got my tourist plan worked out.

I’ve eaten some of the national food.

Looking forward to the new adventures and what I recall from my last visit to Colombia.

I went back to Cartagena.

My plan is to try 100 new kinds of fruit in Colombia… in Bangladesh, I went to 100 restaurants.

There are stereotypes about Colombia but it’s so much more, and trying so hard to become so much more.

Here is my roundup of the best expat blogs about Colombia. And a few laughs from the number one blog in Colombia (not mine…).

I finally managed to make it to Peru, and I ate a lot.

I made it to El Dorado. Quest over, next one in the making.

I’ve talked about emeralds. And dogs.

I’ve been to my favorite tourist attraction in Bogota, the market

My hunt for Asian food continues. Korean food in particular.

*** most definitely under construction…*** she squeals with excitement!


2 responses to “South America

  1. Don’t tell the Colombians, but despite being great dancers and happy people. I am not sure that they invented salsa!

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