I don’t have a bucket list. But, here are some things that would be… on the M’s Adventures tour:

In Rome, take an olive oil tasting tour with Johnny Madge.

When in Rome, do a wine tasting over a good meal at Torre in Pietra.

Visit Emilia-Romagna, stay at an agroturismo, and go on balsamic and parmesan tours.


As a child I loved reading the book of lists… and I wrote lists long before anyone told me that I had to put it in a bucket. Before number one, publish your own book is first on many people’s lists. Here are some more lists.

Top ten local markets in Rome.

One of the bucket list foods to try… also see the Food Page at the top of the blog.

In Lima, do a chocolate tasting class with El Cacaotal.

Bucket list noodles.

Food tour of Lima, Peru.

100 Fruits in Colombia.

100 Must try restaurants in Lima.

100 restaurants in Dhaka

7 Best Restaurants in Dhaka

Map of 99 expat places in Dhaka

Top places to take tourists in Dhaka

Restaurant FAQ – best vegetarian restaurant, best, date place, etc. in Dhaka

Ten foods to try in Bangladesh

A list of advice on expat dressing

The Thailand Bucket List

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