Peruvian Brothers in DC

The Washington, DC, area has had Peruvian restaurants for years. The newest, stylish duo, are the Peruvian Brothers.

Even during this time of COVID, the Peruvian Brothers still provide a taste of Peru. They have La Cosecha, a food truck, and The Stand. The Peruvian Brothers also have a gofundme link on their page so that you can donate food to front line workers.

Of course, the food is not like in Lima (nor are the prices). But, if you are in the Washington, DC, area and have a hankering for a chicharron sandwich, this will have to do.




One thought on “Peruvian Brothers in DC

  • RESTAURANTE. Pronto, Peruvian Brothers, el negocio de los hermanos Giuseppe y Mario Lanzone, inaugurara su restaurante en La Cosecha, el mercado latino que abrira sus puertas en D.C.

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