Tallin, Estonia

“Short Leg” Street so named because it is a short cut to the top of the old town.

In the fall, I decided to visit some of the former “iron curtain” countries and I decided to start at the top. Estonia is small but lovely.

Tallin is a wonderful old medieval town with modern technology and efficiency. The architecture in the old town was delightfully old and out of a fairytale.

Much of the town is Baroque and from the 17th century. I like the older bits better.

The Mother of All Buildings

The Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofia) has survived so much history that it seems impossible for more stories to be added to her walls. But, she can support it all. One of my favorites, this is possibly the greatest building ever built.

Heavenward illumination

Come visit Istanbul and the Hagia Sophia!

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