Houses of DC

Washington, DC, is the capital of the US but also home to almost three quarters of a million people. The architecture is varied and increasingly high rise. Driving around DC, I realize how much I do not know about the architecture or history of DC. For a guide to the basic styles of homes in DC, check out this link.

City Periscopes

K1mQE2YCwwYfHcJQo3rMfAst7KMkonjjit7vUXmQLdrYyO1jyFIKcolouH0zOjiy0-gvKPtM1ilrll4Z8BoXEC4QkTBonLTa5440Ob_ynz2tofRg7XEjlBBnqv2XZXe1TCDijPZ8TVUU_ls2d3LCiYKXgtiMROwSyGz50M4Sn5jA4nu1nY5JTZYXTvIn Denmark, in the old days, some of the houses had mirrors for the busybodies.

KgTFkWXSFISoyW9B-LL4vFi1QTHzeZ4Zi7hJpkGZepf8Jlg9dJaZ3x1Yw6HX8Qb6UlGCLTyVPWUskBpOHuyh7knjwu8vUegqZDYZmQXFceBSWnr9S9Ul73DONoojg8ontGo_DPNPpIM66JZO1-02Ylm2VTvB6SuamEmECQCXKbC8iGh2e7oTrJwC3vOr perhaps it was so that the homebodies could get their fill of the outside without going outside?