Halloween and Day of the Dead in Lima

uzXPd4kh0Xf66YcSDIP4u7WiVgA5bJNrjOrIdgqSOXaf5Jz9KSQ5rF0leBPHMxsDB-D1Ngix6zU21NBmCfnautV-vKtE7it2JWOg8-lgXG1mXRGUYJHKTyNAnUHowtt8W3nGO4VY5dt5fqqDjGYeK4Uh-EmtoyU6L_Li_9aMqeVHIgGJjMZRBP-K5Halloween, in the U.S. style, with pumpkins and costumes, is becoming more popular here in Lima. In contrast, November 1, Day of the Dead, is an old tradition, and a holiday. Unlike in Mexico, Day of the Dead is not a massive face-painted celebration, but rather, a more reflective time to visit family in the cemetery (although, still with food, drink, and music, I’m told). The idea of trick or treating is also a new idea and is beginning to happen in some places. Certainly, the stores would like it to take hold. They have already started selling Christmas items.

A few years, I was in El Pan de la Chola on Halloween, and the staff were painted in Day of the Dead makeup, adding a festive touch?


‘Twas the Day After Eid – Empty Streets in Dhaka

One shop was open the day after Eid-ul-Adha.
One shop in Gulshan Two was open the day after Eid-ul-Adha.

Empty streets in Dhaka? This year, Durga Puja and Eid-ul-Adha happened within days of each other so the government was closed for several days. The week also included a harvest festival, Wangala, and a full moon. Whatever the religion, many Dhaka-ites went home to their villages to spend holiday time with their families. The result was quiet in Dhaka much like in Europe the day after Christmas. Some businesses were closed for Durga Puja and almost all were closed for Eid-ul-Adha and the day after. By Thursday, a few places opened up again. 7-11 has not arrived in Bangladesh yet (there is probably a 7-11 but it is not the official franchise) but they too would have been busy if they were here.

This is "Rickshaw Road" with no traffic. We went fast enough to blur the photo.
This is “Rickshaw Road” with no traffic. We went fast enough to blur the photo.

This is the most shuttered I’ve seen Dhaka. The result was that the streets were empty. So you could get nowhere fast. Which we did when we went exploring.