Rome’s Version of the Famous Arancini

Suppli are the Roman version of “arancini” — basically a croquette from cooked rice or pasta. The name, suppli, derives from the telephone cord because when you pull the two halves apart, the mozzarella should string out like a phone cord.

In the south in Naples, arancini are “mini” oranges and they are usually made of rice. In Rome, the suppli are often made with pasta. Suppli are smaller than arancini. They are greasy. As you can see in the photo, the suppli is not that big (it cost 2 euro because it was amatriciana — the normal one with mozzarella is 1.5 euro). The one that I got was a amatriciana, a pasta sauce made with guanciale (pork cheek bacon), cheese from Amatrice, and tomato sauce. The pasta in mine was tube pasta — like a straw.

Many appetizers in Rome involve something deep fried. These fried pasta or rice balls are very popular either as an appetizer or a snack. For some reason, always eaten with pizza. I don’t know why since I don’t associate pizzerias with deep fryers.

National Foods of The Bahamas

bs grits tunaHere in Nassau, when I asked people to tell me about the national foods of The Bahamas, this is what they told me about:

Peas and rice: Rice with a pulse — from green peas, beans, lentils, etc. They even have “corn and rice” but the important thing is to get some peas and rice. I would hear people talking about it on the streets. It’s a vital part of the day.

bs macBaked macaroni: or “mac and cheese” which is addictively delicious. It’s pasta, cheese, and a touch of jalapenos, baked with cheese on top. It can be cut like cake. Yum oh.

bs menuCracked conch: is deep fried conch.

Johnny cakes: like corn bread but less corny.

bs souseSouse: a soup to use for dipping your johnny cakes. You can add the spicy sauce as well.

Grouper: fish — baked, boiled, steamed, and cracked (deep fried).

Fish stew (tuna) and grits: anything with grits (when it’s a ground meat sauce, then it’s called “Fire Engine” which is classic comfort food. Even for breakfast. See photo above.

bs breakfast menuLobster: warm water spiny lobster tails. Popular in every way.

Chicken in da bag: deep fried chicken.

Ribs: barbecued.


The food in the Bahamas reminded me of foods of the American South. Comforting and hearty.

And one drink was mentioned to me.

Sky juice/gully wash: rum, coconut, and condensed milk. Too sweet for me.