Wedding and Christmas Lights All Year Round

In Bangladesh there are many happy (and bittersweet) opportunities for decorating the house with lights. For a farewell party last week, professional lighting guys arrived in the morning and strung (and flung) lights on the trees, gate, and house.

Draping lights off the roof.

There is a famous company here in Dhaka called Banani Decorators who charge around 6,000 Taka per day ($80) but my friend has a friend who knows a guy who is the guy… 3,500 Taka ($45) for the first day and 2,500 Taka for the second day. This price includes labor and lights. Always be friendly and ask around. Find out who the “nodes” of the social world and “get up and go” kind of people are… they will set you up. Plus, a proactive type personality will probably also help you with the music, logistics, etc… and even be a good friend.

The magical result.
Tape and lights.
Weaving lights through the tree.

Good times here in Dhaka.

The "Dhaka Shot" of the lights...

2 thoughts on “Wedding and Christmas Lights All Year Round

  • as always, I enjoy your Dhaka images. I used to enjoy walking around Newmarket when I was a teenager in the 60’s. I would love to go back there for a look around, but Im sure it has grown beyond recognition. The electricians have a familiar look though.

    • Thanks for looking at my images! I think you should come back and see the changes. Where I live was a rice paddy forty years ago! I think the lighting guys are standard issue hardworking Bangladeshi. 😉

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