Restaurants in Dhaka – Part One

Going out to eat is a hobby of mine (some people collect stamps; I collect restaurants)… in the next year, I hope to go to 100 restaurants in Dhaka.

Eating sheeshlik with rahmali bread at BBQ Tonite

Until there’s a website or app for restaurants in Dhaka, these are the ones I have been to (and my own rating system):

BBQ Tonight (11/13 stars): meat on stick, three kinds of fresh flat bread, Afghan/Bangla/Pakistani/Indian food – must try: the “rahmali” or “handkerchief” bread.

Thai Kitchen (8/13): Thai cooked by a Thai cook – must try: chicken dumplings steamed.

Dhaba (7/13): Bengali street food in a cafe – must try: “Phoughka” which are chick peas in dough shells.

Roll Express (8/13): Bangladeshi filled flat bread – must try: dhosa filled with potatoes.

Oh Calcutta (8/13): West Bengali food – must try: Luchi/puri = fried bread. Elegant interior and good for business clientele.

Bamboo Shoot (9/13): Chinese owned Chinese food. Must try: fried dumplings.

Spaghetti Jazz (7/13): Italian. Must try: homemade spaghetti with garlic and chili flakes.

Caspian (6/13): Persian. Must try: Baklava bites.

El Toro (3/13): Mexican. Must try: going on a night when they have avocados.

Soi 71 (7/13): Thai. Must try: the play room in the basement. Good for business clientele.

The Steakhouse (8/13): Steak. Must try: Australian beef medium rare.

Khazana (7/13): Indian. Must try: the naan? This place is the place recommended by Indian business clientele.

Heritage (7/13): Indian/Bangladeshi. Must try: the buffet lunch for 450 Taka? Also popular with business clientele.

Don Giovanni (4/13): Italian. Must try: fried cheese.

Wasabi at the Bellagio (5/13): Japanese. Must try: a drink at the bar. One of the few places with a liquor license. Popular with business clientele.

Le Souffle at the Bellagio (6/13): French. Must try: the red mirrored bathroom. One of the few places with a liquor license. Popular with business clientele. The most expensive restaurant in Dhaka. 5,000 Taka for dinner for one.

Arirang (3/13): Korean. Must try: some other place.

Koreana (7/13): Korean. Must try: jigae.

Sura (3/13): Korean. Must try: shabu shabu.

King’s Confectionery (6/13): Baked goods. Sells chicken with curry. Must try: Croissant filled with Nutella and cream.

Movenpick (6/13): Ice cream, Swiss style. Also serves one sandwich type. Must try: a waffle under your ice cream.

Northend Coffee Roasters (10/13): Coffee and baked goods. Must try: cinnamon buns warm from the oven.

Best Western (2/13): Hotel food. Must try: the smoky bar on the roof?

Northend Coffee Roasters Cinnamon Bun…

That’s it for now except for a few local places without names.

~ Food with friends tastes best. ~

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