Humane Airport Furniture

Let’s be real. People in airports need to sleep on a flat surface. So many airports make this hard to do but Rome and Copenhagen (and maybe others) have furniture that one can lie down on. Thank you.

After all, it’s not like we want to be tired and exhausted when traveling. It just is a reality. If we can rest horizontally for a bit, we will be much better tourists.

Long Out in the Country in Denmark

A plum ready for plucking.

The countryside in Denmark is never far from a town and spending a few days “long out in the countryside” as the Danes say… is easily achieved.

A 300-year old thatch roof farmhouse in modern colors.

Good homemade food, a few fruits from the garden, and a wood burning oven make for a “cozy” experience (the Danes love to be in a state of coziness).

Strong cheese called “Old Ole” on crisp bread.