The Leather District

photo(100)Colombia is famous for its leather products. If you find yourself in Bogota and ask for the “leather district,” you will be told about an area of town called “Restrepo.” But I do my leather shopping at the intersection of Carrera 23 and Calle 63F. There are about 20 leather shops. They will even custom make leather products for you. It’s not that expensive either. I saw an Australian cowboy hat for $35. Wallets run about $20.

Like almost everything else in Bogota, it’s also possible to have leather craftspeople (including custom shoe makers), come to your house.

L for Lips and R for Rub – Milk and Honey in Your Purse

I’m slightly obsessed with travel-size containers. I like things that will fit in my purse (leaving enough room for my huge camera). Unlike in Bangladesh, where I almost never thought about cold weather, the cold weather in the U.S. in January made me realize that I need to carry lip balm and moisturizer in my bag. I was standing in the Container Store evaluating the options and realized that nothing was small enough. As I looked at their fashionable contact lens containers, it struck me! I would re-purpose a contact lens case. I used a cheap contact lens case.

Milk and honey at the fingertips.
Milk and honey at the fingertips.

Left for lips and Right for rub.

I decided to use some products which are as “natural” as possible. I recommend both. I simply cut the lip balm (it is egg shaped inside) and placed it in the lens case. The lotion was even easier to squeeze in. But, you could use whatever products you like.

For other small containers, I recommend REI for all things travel. I just like to go there to dream and imagine all the inventions and adventures to be had.