The Little Merman

img_3669Everyone outside of Denmark has their image of the Disney mermaid but, in reality, the little mermaid is quite different. Mostly, tourists find her to be much smaller than they expected. And now, just to confuse things even more, there’s a new merman in town.

Specifically, he’s up in Helsingor (Elsinore, where Hamlet’s castle is located according to Shakespeare), and he’s a lot shinier than the little mermaid. Otherwise, he’s a good reflection (yup, he’s shiny) of the old gal down in Copenhagen. Plus, his location is much better for photo-ops.


Widening Roads in Kathmandu

The road to progress is a half house?
Houses sliced in half line one of the streets of Kathmandu.

Nepal is the crossroads to Shangri-la — Tibet. Kathmandu apparently comes from the word for crossroads. They are widening the roads to Shangri-la. This has resulted in the buildings being cut down the middle. These buildings remind me of the Hans Christian Andersen story about a half-chick who could not find his place in the world until he became (spoiler alert) a weather vane perched atop a house. Perhaps these half houses are indicators of the same thing on the roof of the world.

Half houses huddled together along the road.
Half houses huddled together along the road.