Best Hair Colorist and Hair Dresser for Expats in Bogota

IMG_1122Her name is Reiko, she’s Japanese, and she speaks very good English. Plus, I have seen the hair that she colors and I would never have guessed that the hair was anything but natural.

She works independently out of the French hair dressing salon in Atlantis mall up on the third or fourth floor. She is the first hair dresser who knew instinctively how to cut my hair. For a simple hair cut the price was 70,000 (I think).

Indigo Grows on Trees

The indigo plant. Tie dye in back.
The indigo plant. Tie dye in back.

It really does. Indigo is made from the indigo tree. I can’t tell you much more than that but considering how denim has conquered the world, I think it’s kind of wonderful.

I went to this workshop in El Salvador. Perhaps more about that trip another time.