Business Cards in Lima

isTqgskaRf6qiQDERPUGvdTLH6B9N4kIUEw_3-6qQs8ooJCxC5N49qfYugT3tZRQBJsks3bTGDlQeqdhxWBe7mG1NyKIZPMRr0AsE2-url43x_rDAiVvxPDBL6ZJcJYi5HWQ1SqHLqyImcsX-w56YvoF0cniALpBnIUYpX87kPnTyL6a7Qh6I5mwdrThe area around Wilson in downtown Lima is known as the graphic and computer area, but I got a recommendation and tried out Cubo Graphic. 1,000 business cards, double sided, color, for 105 Soles ($32) delivery in Lima included. They would have designed them for me for an extra 20 soles. The cards took two days to order, print, and deliver. The quality of the printing was fine (as the sheen in the photo is because I took the photo of the open face sandwich through the glass counter).

These cards should keep me going until I go adventuring downtown. Who knows what kind of swag I can get printed down there?