Useful Instagram Accounts for Rome

Instagram is like the watering hole, a useful place to gather info and catch up on the news. At least that’s how I use it. The convention for mentioning an Instagram account is with the @ sign, for example,

For Rome, these are some of the accounts I follow. Many of these are tour guides or bloggers and have their own website and blog (but that seems to be less of a thing these days):

ElizabethMinchilli and her daughter/business partner, SophieMinchilli, WantedinRome, RomeTravelers, RomeInside, TourguideMitra, Romewise, MCMcGuire, @TiffanyParks, and @AnAmericanInRome.

I find it useful to look at who follows whom — because it might be someone I want to follow…

Instagram (not owned by Facebook/Meta) has a DM, direct messaging, (like email — they even use the @ symbol) system with three inboxes. To get to the mailboxes, one taps on the paper airplane in upper right corner. I mention this because over the past six months, I have noticed instagrammers talking about it. The three mailboxes allowing for prioritization.

Then there are the restaurant accounts that I follow, for example, Marigold, mostly so I can keep up with when they are open and to see what specials they have (or if I need a reminder that it is fresh pea season!). Instagram (owned by Meta/Facebook) allows you to search by hashtag (subject) and by person, so it’s easy to find stuff to follow. You can also block people and you can “mention/tag” accounts when posting.

I find it interesting that many instagrammers only post to the “stories” (circular auto play across the top) and not to their “feed.” I try to post to both but usually a truncated version to the feed.