How to Live the Good Life in Dhaka – Part 3 – Spa and Salon Services

The expat’s guide to the good life, part three. Part one was about tailors, two was about cheap china, and part three is here. In her words.

Salons also do mehendi and hair for weddings.
Salons also do mehendi and hair for weddings.


A.      Spa at Home. There are several cosmeticians who come to your home for a full range of spa services. I have used only one and would like to take her with me to the end of the world. Since it is not possible, I am passing her onto you. Her name is Koli, number 01916355643. Koli does an outstanding Thai massage, as well as elaborate facials, body scrubs, excellent manicure/pedicures, waxing, etc. range. For mani/pedi she has the instruments, but I would advise having your own nail polish and top coats. If you have your own instruments, even better. Clearly, her services are much cheaper than a salon.

B.      Salons

a.       Nelos. I use them almost exclusively for blow-dry-s and for head and feet massages. All these are outstanding services.

b.      La Femme. (in the same building). I use them mostly for massages and for manicure when my Koli was pregnant. I prefer Nelos for hair services. Salons also do hair for weddings and mehendi.

c.       Que Bella on road 13 in Baridhara. While I was not impressed with the blow-dry there, they cut my small son’s hair exquisitely (he has long hair which has to be layered). Also, they have an unbelievable masseuse. She gave me one of the best massages in my entire life. Her name is Shiba, I think.

C.      Eyelash Extensions. A recent discovery, Moo has a salon in banana, immediately after Jatra. Taneem Square at 158/E Kamal Ataturk avenue, top floor. Phone 01819192208. You must make an appointment. Cost – 2500 taka. Effect – stunning!

D.      Laser hair epilation. If you have ever attempted this in the US, you’d know the high costs associated. Here, Dr. Manzur from the Apollo Hospital does these services, she has a machine and has been US trained as a dermatologist. Call 01713063089. Prices depend on the area you are working on, but you can buy packages as well.

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  • I have really enjoyed reading your blog. I know you are now gone. I will be moving there this summer. I currently get my eyelashes extended in Bangkok. Does Moo glue on each lash to an existing eyelash? That’s how mine are and it’s very natural looking. They look great for about a month. How long between fills for Moos?

    • Thanks for reading my blog, and yes, I’m no longer in Dhaka. Yes, Moo does glue on the lashes in small bunches, and they grow out with your natural lash. Plus, they last for about six weeks!

      • Thank you for your response! I have your blog saved as a favorite, and I think I’ve read every entry on Dhaka. It is comforting to read. Thank you for writing it. 🙂

  • BKK, I’m glad to hear that my blog is still of use. I hope that you will enjoy Dhaka! If you live in Bangkok, then at least you know what it’s like to live somewhere hot and humid.

  • Hi, it seems like Koli’s number is not working anymore — do you have her new one or her email address? I am going to Dhaka today! 🙂

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