Bangladeshi Mashup or “Bhorta” in Bangla

Bhorta dishes.

Bhorta dishes.

Bangladeshi food includes these specialty which involves many dishes of mashed up vegetables, served cold, some spicy, and some saucier than others. There are also small dishes of fried fish, chicken, and it is all served with a plate of white rice. All the dishes are brought out and at the end, one pays only for what one has tried. There were so many different dishes from tomato salsa, eggplant, white root vegetable with green chiles, potatoes, taro root, red spinach, green spinach, and so much more. The whole of our meal cost under 500 taka ($5) and we only found this place because we went with a Bangladeshi friend. The restaurant is quite large once one has gone in through the “hole in the wall” doorway. I almost missed it entirely and kept taking photos of the wrong doorway. As always, thank goodness for local friends!

The doorway to the restaurant.

The doorway to the restaurant.

8 responses to “Bangladeshi Mashup or “Bhorta” in Bangla

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  2. Bhortas–along with fuchka/chotpoti, and a pitha in a sweet cream sauce–have definitely been the highlight of Bengali food for me. 🙂 Thanks for posting the location.

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