Italian Lace Made in Bangladesh

Fine Italian lace and linens made by nuns… is a popular shopping item. If you live in Dhaka, then you’re lucky again because much of that “Italian” stitchery is done in Bangladesh, and you can buy it from the source. The Carlotta sisters run a school for orphan children in Dhaka one of the skills they teach the girls is how to stitch the embroidery in a linen or cotton table cloth.

Italian lace.

The nuns live in a nondescript brick building and one must make an appointment to buy anything from them.

3 thoughts on “Italian Lace Made in Bangladesh

  • Would make a lot more sense if you added the addresses/contact details of these places instead of just making references to them – doesn’ help anyone to know about it but not have any ideas on how to get there!

    • Found it from google!! And, your suggestion of the place was excellent – very nice things. For everyone interested, the address is “Carolotta Sisters, Basundhara Block B, Road #6, House #121 – just around the corner from BRAC Bank & Syndicate Bank branches.

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