A Monsoon Wedding in Bangladesh

A happy Bangladeshi bridal couple.

Wedding season in Bangladesh is December-January mainly because the temperature cooler (and family from abroad can make it as well). It’s been ten months since I started this blog and one of the most popular themes I’ve notice people search for is information about Bangladeshi weddings. Now that I had the honor of being invited to another one, I have more photos to show.

Groom poses for photos as he cuts the roast.

My friend and arrived at the community center three hours late due to other social engagements which was just in time to sit down with the bride and groom.

Children are welcome at weddings even late at night.
The bargaining begins…

I know that before I went to my first Bangladeshi wedding, I was curious about what would happen. I hope to go to more weddings while here.

The groom takes his bride and she acts demur.

2 thoughts on “A Monsoon Wedding in Bangladesh

  • Hi M,

    My friends and I are in Dhaka as interns until the end of December. Since arriving (over 2 months ago) we’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and have tried some of your suggestions. Thanks for the great blog!

    • Hi P,
      Thanks for reading my blog! And that’s for letting me know that you find it useful. It’s nice to know that it’s worth the effort.

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