iPhone in Dhaka

Airtel kiosk sells Grameen top up cards.

Many of the photos I take are with my iPhone including this one of the kiosk (near Gulshan 2 circle on the DIT 2 market side of Madani Avenue) where one can purchase scratch off top up cards for one’s prepaid iPhone. If your phone is unlocked, you can buy a sim card, some scratch off cards, and after some set up, you are good to go. I’d guess I use around 300 Taka per month ($4) on my phone and Internet. The sim card cost 250 Taka. You can also go the post-paid route and go to Grameen phone, give them copies of your passport, a photo, and then you will receive a bill monthly.

2 thoughts on “iPhone in Dhaka

  • hey! do you of any places to get your iphone unlocked around here? i brought mine still locked from the states. thanks!

    • I’ve heard of a place near the Westin, somewhere on the second floor near a cafe on that road that curves near Gulshan 2 on the Westin corner. But, if you “jailbreak” your iPhone, you’ll lose the ability to get the updates. Plus, make sure to backup your data! If you’ve had your iPhone for more than two years with AT&T, you can convince them to unlock your phone. It’s a pain but worth it.

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