A Turkish Village Breakfast

Pastry filled with spinach.

Near the famous Galeta Tower in Istanbul, you can go down a winding side street and find a village style breakfast feast. Sadly, I only have one photo of the food from that meal of fresh eggs fried with spices and unctious olive oil, fresh cheese, doughy breads, colorful chunky fruit compotes, sausages galore, honey, and so many other dishes that my food coma prevented me from recalling the dreams that I ate.

The backside of the cafe hides the quaintness inside.

2 thoughts on “A Turkish Village Breakfast

  • how do you get to travel so much? where are you from? can you put me in touch with a Dhaka tailor?

    • I travel because I make it a priority. I’m a global expat so I’ve lived in different countries. I will post some contact information on tailors in an upcoming blog.

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