The Organic Grocery of Dhaka – Southwest Gardens

Road 108, House 11, Apt. 102 on the second floor.

Road 108, House 11, Apt. 201 on the second floor so behind the tree.

*** As of August 2013, the new location is Road 108, House 11, Apt. 201*** Organic vegetables in Dhaka? YES! And organic fish, eggs, flour, and rice. The shop is spare in decor with fridges filled with green onions, basil, spinach, etc. The shop has kohlrabi, carrots, potatoes, onions, cabbage, etc. There is a freezer for sea bass, snapper, chicken and so on. I asked the grocer how often he gets his goods delivered from the farm (located to the south on the riverbank) and he said that the delivery is fresh every day.

Flurry photo of the sign by the door to Southwest Gardens.

Flurry photo of the sign by the door to Southwest Gardens.

Tucked away (like many things here in Dhaka) on a road parallel with Gulshan Avenue behind where the Wonderland amusement park once was located, is the organic grocer of Dhaka. The previous employee, Laurence, has been sent off to India to open the shop there. The shop is located in an apartment building. You cannot park in the building but there is plenty of parking on the street. The shop is on the same floor as a spa with has red signs. It is open Tuesday-Saturday, 9-6. The new location has less character and appears to have a tailor connected to it.

Handwritten address... with phone number.

Handwritten address… with phone number.

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  1. do you like the smell of jack-fruit? one of my lingering memories of Dhaka.

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  3. How organic can the veggies be? There is a serious arsenic problem in Bangladesh that impacts rice, water and food grown in the affected soil. Are they protected the garden from ground water near that riverbank? Are they using bottled water or testing the water used to water the plants? Did they test the soil 4 feet down during an arsenic soil test?

    • Thanks for your comment. What you say is true. I cannot be certain that their food is organic. They say that they have a farm a few hours to the south where they grow their food. It would be nice if the arsenic problem was resolved.

  4. Hi I just arrived in Dhaka and am trying to find this place. Would you mind reposting the telephone number? The number is too long to be a local telephone number…or maybe I am not getting it right…thanks!

    now the southwest gardens LTD.
    Address:house#Nw(H)07 Road 51
    Gulshan 2
    Dhaka 1212
    Mobile #01954273540

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