New Prints on the Block

Designing your own tablecloth (or material for any use) is another fun thing to do in Dhaka.

Spray painting design

You pick out the block pattern from giant pattern books, choose the cloth (dyed or untreated), choose the colors and pattern. You can even have your own blocks designed if you want something specific put on the cloth. If you don’t want block printed designs, you can get a spray painted design.

Hand applied paints.

An eight foot long tablecloth costs around 3,000 Taka ($33). Get it while you’re here!

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4 thoughts on “New Prints on the Block

  • Love your blog! Miss you in the office! My recommendations
    Feed the dogs, my heart breaks for them.
    Stay away from the Durians, my kids used to throw them at each other…..very stinky!
    Visit Istanbul often! Order anything with eggplant. Mmmmmgood

    • Glad to see you dropped by my blog! I miss chatting with you every day! There are two many dogs to feed. The Durian was fine. Istanbul is too nice. Eggplant is delicious.

  • hey! can you suggest a place that you went that i can get this done? love the ideas you post about, great way to spend time in dhaka being creative (locations/names would be awesome). thanks!

    • If you go to New Market, you can talk to any of the vendors and ask them about this. They have pattern books you can choose from and they can make a block to use to order if you give them a week or so. There are other places and people that do this, but again, it’s best to ask your Bangladeshi friends.

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