Exploring in Dhanmondi

Went to the mall in the part of Dhaka where lots of universities are located… was it past Dhanmondi? I am atrociously bad with names and places. We went to Boomers which is a popular restaurant chain with hip young Bangladeshis. They had Bangladeshi, Indian and Chinese food. The prices for the food at Boomers was in the 375 Taka ($5) range. The naan was covered in sweet goo as the locals like things SWEET!

Then we shopped. Lots of shops with not so crazy prices (earrings for $.75 to sari material for $150). More about sari shopping later. This is the one I like today. it was on sale for half price and still cost $95. There were lots of shops selling clothes, separate ones for both ladies and men. The mall had shops for buying bangles and other personal adornments for the ears, hair parting, nose, ankles, wrists, fingers, upper arms and so on. So much that sparkles! All that you might want in terms of grooming could be had here. Across from the men’s hairdresser’s was a “kid’s saloon” manned with smiling boys. Instead of chairs, there were colorful plastic space motorcycles (or some other conveyance that a child would find fun to ride).

ASIDE: I ventured to the toilet in the mall. The Bangladeshi lady with us went with me… apologizing for the condition. I frankly have been in MUCH worse toilets. This one was like some in the U.S. But, I was glad that she went with me as I would never have read the signs in Bangla (there were no pictures so you  have to be literate to go to the bathroom in this mall). Also, being able to see into the men’s was perhaps not what I wanted to see on my way out of the ladies.

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  • This makes me very excited for many reasons: KM is going to love that kiddie haircut place and I am totally into material. Love those block print materials! I can see this is going to be dangerous for my goal of saving money!

    • Yes, there is lots to spend money on here if you like material etc. But, the cloth can cost from $1 to $7 per yard and then having the clothing made can cost $7 so all in all, you could get a custom shirt made for $10. Not bad. I ordered seven shirts…

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