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Istanbul On My Mind

Still remembering the food, cafes, and views of Istanbul. How I long for the chewy sesame delight that is simit…

Simit is a bagel like bread… and yes, that is honey on the clotted cream…
Golden, crunchy, healthy, and one of 20 breakfast dishes…

Some day, I’ll be back in the city of Istanbulli hearts.

Down at the harbor, get a famous stuffed potato the size of your head!
Atmospheric anyone?
View from the Galeta tower.

Veggies to live for!

4 replies to “Istanbul On My Mind

    1. I loved the simit bread, the clotted cream, and fresh honey. But, I also loved the country style breakfast I had near the Galeta tower. I’ll try to write about that at some point.

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