M’ Adventures is my blog about my adventures in food and travel. With more than 24 years of expat experience, I have lived in more than eight countries. And counting.

I collect intangible and easily transported experiences: Korean restaurant meals, massages, travel, and quirky cultural trivia (not necessarily in that order). When asked about my super power, I say that mine is my ability to laugh at bureaucracy.

While I started writing this blog without a pragmatic goal, I hope that once in a while my blog is actually of service. Please subscribe to “follow me” on my newest adventures. While in Bangladesh, I tried 100 restaurants in Dhaka. In Colombia, my “100 challenge” was be to try 100 fruits that I have never tried before. Who knows what it will be next.

How do I afford to travel so much? I spend my money on it. I also have a job that allows me to travel and move from country to country. I do not write about my job on this blog. It’s not as interesting as food and travel.

Contact information: m (at) madventures (dot) me

Social Media Links: I’ve added my blog to bloglovin.

Buy the book: A friend asked me to create a photo book, so I did. Click on the link if you want to buy it.

Please see the media page for kudos, accolades, and other “mentions.”

Thank you for reading my blog,


The small print: All the photos, text, and opinions on this blog are mine, unless otherwise noted. Feel free to link to my pages. Please ask permission if you want to borrow from my pages or images. Also, please give me credit. Thank you.

More small print: All the opinions are mine.

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  1. Hi read your blog really liked it, everybody goes through these adventures everyday , but reading your blog I realized how special we can make it.

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