Bangladeshi Wedding Holud Food

The snacks and meal at a Bangladeshi wedding “holud” involve some standby favorites like “phoughka” which are fried dough balls filled with chickpeas, vegetables, and spices. When the same ingredients are chopped and served as a “mix” it is called “chop-puhti” which alliterates.  Bangladeshi samosas are called “sringhara” and they are often served as well.  … Read more Bangladeshi Wedding Holud Food

Dancing at the Bangladeshi Wedding Holud

At a Bangladeshi wedding holud, or bride or groom’s party, there will be entertainment. Both skits, video skits, and dancing. If you get invited to get dressed up and dance in a wedding holud, say yes! It was great fun. The groom’s holud includes the groom’s party welcoming the bride’s party with flower petals and … Read more Dancing at the Bangladeshi Wedding Holud

Wedding Season Again in Dhaka – The Bride’s Holud

It’s that time of year again when the Bangladeshis get married. I am lucky to have been invited again. A year ago, I went to a combined holud which I described in an earlier blog. At the bride’s holud this year, the bride was carried in on a palanquin. While the groom was absent, his … Read more Wedding Season Again in Dhaka – The Bride’s Holud

A Monsoon Wedding in Bangladesh

Wedding season in Bangladesh is December-January mainly because the temperature cooler (and family from abroad can make it as well). It’s been ten months since I started this blog and one of the most popular themes I’ve notice people search for is information about Bangladeshi weddings. Now that I had the honor of being invited … Read more A Monsoon Wedding in Bangladesh

Mehendi For Weddings, Brides, and Friends

Getting Mehendi, or henna, is usually associated with Bangladeshi wedding holuds (bridal shower), but it can also be done for other celebrations. Sometimes the celebration is the celebration of friendship bonding. Mehendi is a temporary tattoo of curling designs done on the feet, legs, hands, and arms. The ladies who do it are quick and … Read more Mehendi For Weddings, Brides, and Friends

Wedding and Christmas Lights All Year Round

In Bangladesh there are many happy (and bittersweet) opportunities for decorating the house with lights. For a farewell party last week, professional lighting guys arrived in the morning and strung (and flung) lights on the trees, gate, and house. There is a famous company here in Dhaka called Banani Decorators who charge around 6,000 Taka … Read more Wedding and Christmas Lights All Year Round

Bangladeshi Wedding Ceremony

After the Holud on another moonlit night, another wedding ceremony takes place. This ceremony is much less intimate with 1,000 guests invited. They come by SUV, white car with tinted windows, black car with tinted windows, and rickshaw. The groom and his family haggle to gain entrance and to cut the red ribbon held by … Read more Bangladeshi Wedding Ceremony

Bangladeshi Wedding Holud

A Bangladeshi wedding consists of several ceremonies. There is hand painting with mendi and other ceremonies which I have not been to yet. But, I got invited to my first Bangladeshi “holud” or pre-wedding party. The Holud can last five or more hours depending on the venue’s closing times. The purpose of the Holud is … Read more Bangladeshi Wedding Holud

A Slice of Seventh Heaven – La Tagliata Fattoria

Eating at La Tagliata Fattoria (the slice factory) in Positano will make you feel like you are eating at the home of the Gods’ farmstead. Positano is a cute but touristy town on the Amalfi Coast. There is a walk on the coast called the Walk of the Gods. One can see why. (Another place … Read more A Slice of Seventh Heaven – La Tagliata Fattoria

Once Upon A Danish Yule

A Danish Christmas (or yule) is celebrated on December 24 in the evening (like the Peruvians). While there are many different family traditions, the evening will be something like as this… It will be dark as the sun may have set around four in the afternoon. There may be a light layer of slush or … Read more Once Upon A Danish Yule

A Birthday Wish for Colombia

Today, on Colombia’s birthday (205 years old), I went for a walk to see how Colombians celebrate. I knew there was a parade somewhere and I’m pretty sure that I heard the flyover, but mostly, I noticed that almost all the buildings were flying the flag. I went out to a favorite eatery and as … Read more A Birthday Wish for Colombia