Doing the Thailand Bucket List

Ride an elephant through a rubber plantation, sea kayak past protected swallows’ nest harvesting caves (used for birds’ nest soup), get foot massages for 250 baht ($6), get Thai massaged into a pretzel shape, get tailor made clothes, eat delicious fresh food, and pet tigers. Okay, I did not do that but many others have … Read more Doing the Thailand Bucket List

Tourist Trap Lima – Be Part of the Entertainment, Not!

“Eat seafood at the fisherman’s harbor.” That sounds authentic, cheap, and quaint, no? I allowed myself and a friend to get taken there. I had driven past this beach and harbor many times. The area is almost always a traffic choke point as the cars going to the Regattas club inch past the millions going … Read more Tourist Trap Lima – Be Part of the Entertainment, Not!

Mancora – The Hawaii of Peru?

If you have never been to Hawaii, then maybe. If you have, then no. I think the main attraction of Mancora is the wind. If you are into kite sailing, then this is the place for you. Or if you are into wind. We went in search of sun in winter. It took twelve hours … Read more Mancora – The Hawaii of Peru?

Where to Eat Seafood in Lima

Recently, I got asked about suggestions for where to eat seafood in Lima. Eating seafood is an integral part of life in Lima. And no, it’s not all raw. First, take the recommended fish of the day — it will be the freshest. Also, remember that salmon is not from Peru (in the highlands, they … Read more Where to Eat Seafood in Lima

Oh to Breakfast

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals (well, so are: brunch, elevenses, lunch, sobremesa, linner, high tea, supper, dinner, natmad “nightmeal”, and stumble-home-greasy-and-spicy-mouthful…). Some people consider eggs to be a vital part of a “breakfast” and others consider a piece of bread dipped in coffee to be the start to the day. In some countries, … Read more Oh to Breakfast

Coconut – The Water of Life

I’ll admit that I’m nuts for coconut water. When I see fresh coconut water being offered, I immediately develop a thirst. I’ve had them in Aruba, India, Bangladesh, Thailand, Denmark, Singapore, El Salvador (where the photo is from), Virginia, and many other places. In some cultures, the coconut is revered. In Sanskrit, the coconut is … Read more Coconut – The Water of Life


As a child I loved reading the book of lists… and I wrote lists long before anyone told me that I had to put it in a bucket. Before number one, publish your own book is first on many people’s lists. Here are some more lists. 1. 100 restaurants in Dhaka 2. 7 Best Restaurants … Read more Bucketless

My New Favorite Tailor in Dhaka – Tailors Johnny

After many hundreds of hours spent thinking about tailoring, I’ve got a new favorite tailor — he is on time, makes clothes that fit, and he is not creepy (according to one of my friends). Getting tailor made clothes is a normal pastime in Dhaka. It’s part of every day life for the Bangladeshis (although … Read more My New Favorite Tailor in Dhaka – Tailors Johnny

The Rickshaws Are Not the Only Thing That Is Different in Delhi

Visiting New Delhi for the first time, I was looking forward to what would be different from Dhaka. Fancier roads, oxen in the roads, monkeys on the toe… yes. But, I didn’t expect the rickshaws to be so different. In Delhi, an “auto-rickshaw” is what is called a “CNG” in Dhaka but in Dhaka the … Read more The Rickshaws Are Not the Only Thing That Is Different in Delhi

The Realities of Daily Life in Dhaka

***September 2013*** This blog posting continues to get read, so I thought I’d make sure it was still up to date. It is. Still “same, same” as those t-shirts in Cambodia and Thailand keep saying, saying. I thoroughly enjoy Dhaka, but it occurred to me that some of you might want to know the “realities” … Read more The Realities of Daily Life in Dhaka