Follow Your Gut – The Reality of Street Kitchens

That pink plastic. This and many other little things make street kitchens unglamorous and slightly un-photogenic. When I take photos for my blog, I try to take luscious photos but often, what is there, is not. Part of the “challenge” of traveling is appreciating the deliciousness in a street noodle even when eating it out … Read more Follow Your Gut – The Reality of Street Kitchens

FAQ: Where’s the Best…. in Dhaka?

As I mentioned in previous post about the 100 restaurants I’ve eaten at in Dhaka, I will now answer some of the most frequently asked questions I receive. Most of these places are on my map of 99 expat places. Where is the best sushi in Dhaka? At Izumi. This is probably the leading Japanese … Read more FAQ: Where’s the Best…. in Dhaka?

7 Best Restaurants in Dhaka

***Updated October 27, 2013*** I’ve tried over 100 restaurants in Dhaka. These are the seven that I keep returning to. I have now made a map of them so that you can find them. Read my reviews of the others here: roundup part one, part two, part three, part four, and part five. Or, read … Read more 7 Best Restaurants in Dhaka

Restaurants in Dhaka – Part One

Going out to eat is a hobby of mine (some people collect stamps; I collect restaurants)… in the next year, I hope to go to 100 restaurants in Dhaka. Until there’s a website or app for restaurants in Dhaka, these are the ones I have been to (and my own rating system): BBQ Tonight (11/13 … Read more Restaurants in Dhaka – Part One