Deep and Superficial in Cambodia

Cambodia may well be the next Asian tiger with its combination of world heritage sites, tragic history, burgeoning business recovery (everything in dollars and riel), and hands on service industry. I recommend visiting the killing fields, not so much for the site itself (there are many all over Cambodia) but because the audio tour is … Read more Deep and Superficial in Cambodia

Instant Noodle on the Street

One of the foods found almost everywhere is the instant ramen noodle. Except in India and Bangladesh. But that may be changing. I recently saw a commercial for Maggi brand noodles with the patriarch of Bollywood eating instant noodles. Ramen is a soup in Japan and Korea. To sell these in India, the instant noodle … Read more Instant Noodle on the Street

The Realities of Daily Life in Dhaka

***September 2013*** This blog posting continues to get read, so I thought I’d make sure it was still up to date. It is. Still “same, same” as those t-shirts in Cambodia and Thailand keep saying, saying. I thoroughly enjoy Dhaka, but it occurred to me that some of you might want to know the “realities” … Read more The Realities of Daily Life in Dhaka