Cucumber Kimchi – It Is Really Easy!

Thanks to Paloquemao market, I’m able to find “Asian vegetables” to make Asian food. This includes kimchi.

Cucumber kimchi in pride of place on the table.
Cucumber kimchi in pride of place on the table.

In Dhaka, I organized Korean cooking lessons and it was possible to buy Korean goods at the Korean mart in Dhaka (and I had my special Korean place in Dhaka to supply me). In Bogota there is no Korean supermarket with ready-to-eat small dishes (other than Maki Roll restaurant which has a few items for sale). Also, I haven’t found my kimchi source (Casa de Coreana‘s is the best in Bogota, in my opinion), so I decided that I would have to make it myself.

Hand made cucumber kimchi.
Hand made cucumber kimchi.

The recipe is easy to find on the Internet (Maangchi is one of favorite) and I used her easy recipe involving fish sauce. I made it and it was delicious!

Cucumber kimchi made by me.
Cucumber kimchi at six hours old.

5 thoughts on “Cucumber Kimchi – It Is Really Easy!

  • Amazing! I’m British Korean, living in Tokyo and will be moving to Bogota end of November. I was worried about not being able to find good asian food but your post has been quite informative. At least I can make my own kimchi there. Yay!

    • Woah, it will not be like in Tokyo! But, yes, there are Korean restaurants, and Japanese ones here as well. I wrote about them elsewhere on my blog.

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