Restaurants in Dhaka – Part Four

Where the beautiful hang?
Crepe-au-Lait. Where the beautiful hang?

I’ve tried 49 different restaurants in Dhaka. I did a first, second, and third roundup. This is my fourth:

Diner 360 (10/13): Continental. Good high end diner food. Steak sandwiches and a filet mignon dinner for 850 Taka. ($10.25)

Margharita Pizza (3/13): Pizza and fast food. It’s a small local place. Very flat and small pizza. Very local.

Samdado (6/13): Japanese/Sushi/Korean. Old established place to take business clients at lunch. Note: saw a rodent skitter across the floor during our incessant wait for the bill.

Crepe-au-Lait (7/13): Crepes, savory and sweet. Hip new place filled with hipsters. Note: Savory crepes were not bad. Service is slow.

Kozmo (6/13): Cafe. Hip place in Banani. Various Indonesian and other cuisines on small menu. Note: Mini chicken kebabs are cute.

Bella Italia (7/13): Pizza and pasta. The Penne a l’Arabiatta (spicy pasta) was the best dish. Note: It’s in the building with Royal Thai and the sign for Roy Rogers Roasters.

Dhansiri (9/13): Bangladeshi. Next to the Westin. Acceptable local food when you have people who want to eat Bangladeshi food.

Suraon BBQ (8/13): Korean BBQ, same owners as Sura. Across from Soi 71. Note: It has LA style kalbi (beef rib slices). Most of the food had something missing from the flavor. Too bad. The raw fish was bad.

Do Mi Ok (8/13): Korean BBQ. Try: the cubed daikon radish kimchi was crunchy and acceptable. There was no traditional napa cabbage kimchi served. Rest of the food was uninteresting.

Shwarma (3/13): Shawarma and mini pizzas. This place is so popular but I can’t really figure out why. The “meat” was chewy and not in a good way.

Cheng Chong (10/13)): Cantonese. Fried rice was good. Corn soup was good. Will try more stuff later.

Spices (3/13): It’s the airport restaurant. They serve fresh juice and all kinds of other items.

The children's play area at Diner 360 in Gulshan 2.
The children’s play area at Diner 360 in Gulshan 2.

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