A List of Lists of Restaurants in Dhaka

Chicken satay at Urban Spice.

“Where do you hear about the restaurants?” is a often asked of me when I find new restaurants to try in Dhaka. Delightfully, often I hear about a “new” place from one of my friends, jute sandals slap-slapping down the hallway. Otherwise, I let it be known that new (for me) restaurants are “my thing” and that I am a collector. Plus, whenever I am out and about, I am always on the lookout for new restaurants or advertising (yes, it does work!) about new eateries.

However, I also search online. Until Yelp arrives in Dhaka, I must make do with the following social media sites:

Dhaka Snob: Local to Dhaka and quite static. Needs to be updated. Lots of dead links.

HottDhaka: Also needs to be updated.

Trip Advisor: They are the leading international site BUT it is hard to add new places and hard to communicate with headquarters. To their credit, they wish to verify a location… but that makes it hard to for me to check back and see when I will be allowed to post a review. Boo. Yelp allows easy posting and THEN verifies. Does Trip Advisor have someone go to each location? How does one get that job?

Lonely Planet: THE BOOK for many travelers and bucket lists.

Google: Start there.

Facebook: Many restaurants don’t bother with a formal website and go for a Facebook page.

FourSquare: Never underestimate the desire to “check in” and conquer a location!

Read about the 50 restaurants I’ve already been to in my previous posts: Restaurants in Dhaka – Part Three, Restaurants in Dhaka – Part Two, and Restaurants in Dhaka – Part One.

Still have 47 restaurants to go!

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