My Favorite Tailor in Dhaka

***Update September 2013: Jewel is no longer my favorite tailor but back when I wrote this blog posting, he was (I have since found someone who makes house calls and delivers on a more reliable schedule — I think we may have inundated Jewel with our orders and he fell behind during the Ramadan season). Please see my map of 99 expat places for some of the tailors I now like, plus other postings on tailors. *** My favorite tailor in Dhaka is a man named Jewel (well, it may spelled “Jhul”). He does not speak much but his smile is sweet and he can tailor shirts, dresses, sarees, shalwar kameezes, etc. It’s best to take a sample of what you want or look through his books of necklines for what you want. He usually measures me although now I’ve got a good relationship with him so he knows my style and measurements. He gives you a receipt with snippets of your material taped to it (and he tapes the other snippets in the big book of work orders). One week later, clothes are usually ready. Unless it’s wedding or holiday season. The cost is around 250 Taka ($3) per yard of material and 600 Taka ($8) to make a shirt.

Jhul the tailor with his big book of orders.

Jhul works at Aadita tailor shop in Gulshan One market. The shop is about the size of two king sized beds with a myriad of material stacked neatly from floor to ceiling. The shop owner is also a fine gentleman and he has another shop around the corner called “Fit” where they specialize in menswear and western style business suits.

If you spend a long time choosing “ribbon” (edging), cloth, and patters, the staff boy will run and fetch you sweet cha (chai). The five or six guys working here will always invite you to take a seat (stay a while) which can be necessary since some trips to the tailor can take three hours. The time spent will also depend on how “insistent” you are. The ladies buying sarees usually push their way to the front. You too should show your eagerness.

18 thoughts on “My Favorite Tailor in Dhaka

  • Hello Mikkela, how long will you be there? Could you ask your tailor to make me a jacket? I’ll send you the money. Kevin

    • I really don’t think that it would be worth it and the jacket would probably not come out as you wished. I often take things back for refitting.

  • I love your blogs! I live in Belgium now but I will be moving to Dhaka next month. Your blog gives me such a better perspective on how it would be like to live there!



  • I would love to get some clothes made! If you bring an example dress and fabric can you just get him to make you the same dress in the new fabric? Thank you!

    • Yes, it is best to take a sample to the tailor and ask them to copy it. I have found that when they measure, they get it wrong, so there is no point in letting them measure. You can always try it when it is ready and then have it adjusted. But, be warned that as Ramadan is approaching, many tailors will be too busy and it could take months to get anything made.

      • Great thanks! I want to go this weekend – where can I find his shop? I would rather go somewhere I know is good and is recommended than find a random shop. Do they speak much english? Do they have fabric in the shop or should I bring it? Where is your favourite place to get fabric?

      • He doesn’t speak much English. There is fabric to buy in the shop. If you take a piece of clothing to be copied, that is the most effective way to do business. Good luck.

  • hey! I wanted to get a gown made but unfortunately the tailors I know cant even get kameezes done properly. Do you know any tailor who can dresses or gowns done?

  • Hi Mikkela,
    I was looking for a tailor who can make blazer for women, couldn’t find any tailors even though I live in Dhaka. Could you please give me the contact details like the phone number of Jhul? I need to reach out to him asap. Thanks in advance!

    • Sorry but I don’t live there anymore. You should try the other tailor I liked: Tailors Jhonny.

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